The first people-based
marketing company built
upon the email address

Today, email is still, by far, the first online media, before Facebook, Twitter or else, in terms of Reach.
Over 90% of internet users interact through emails with their email address, every single day, on mobile & desktop

IVIDENCE let Advertisers & Marketers reach this audience

Publishers know the value of their newsletter audience: those are the individuals the most attached to their brand value.
Yet, most solutions to monetize this audience are generating poorly targeted messages.
IVIDENCE finally helps publishers make the most of this core audience, without alienating them with irrelevant messages, and within the respect of the rules they agreed upon when subscribing.

Cookies get stale. Email Addresses are much more unique & lasting when it comes to identifying individuals. It allows individual targeting on all devices

We bring publishers an adserver as well as the access to a wide range of advertisers willing to reach their audience with native or IAB campaigns. We let advertisers target each individual specifically and we make sure their message match publisher's media formats

As all advertising messages served by IVIDENCE are reaching individuals individually targeted, who are proactively opening and reading an email, we generate exceptional match rates between the advertisers message & the audience. When the core audience of a publisher is paying attention, and is being served with advertising they care about, you have a case study for success.

Publishers can manage their own inventory or let IVIDENCE SSP manage all or part of it, both for their IAB & native formats. We process over 75M bids daily to match your audience with the most appropriate ad

IVIDENCE is designed to work with solutions already deployed by marketers & publishers. If you are a ESP or work with a given ESP,a single tag integration is necessary to benefit from all our services.

If you use a DMP or a CRM tool built upon identifying clients, targets & prospects with their email address, we can immediately leverage this data to target your audience

If you use a specific DSP for your media campaigns, our programmatic stack will let you reach our audience from it
If you are a publisher, and want to market and sell your inventory on your own, our ad server & interface will let you immediately package it & sell it as you want

With IVIDENCE, personal data of publisher's audience as well as marketer's first party data are both safe, and sealed one from each other. We use salted email hashes that allows us to rely upon single unique ID, rather than actual email address , specific to each publisher. Your data is safe and remains yours.