Same Audience,
more revenues

Make more money from your
existing newsletters & CRM emails

ividence in 2 minutes

Target each reader with offers specific to each of them, based upon their address email, without ever sharing your email list
Your newsletter can now serve targeted native & IAB advertising without requiring cookie targeting
Help marketers interact with the audience the most engaged with your brands
Increase your revenues automatically through advertisers & marketers reaching your audience through programmatic targeting (RTB, Targeting, ReTargeting, LookAlike)

The first native SSP et adserver for Email media

Simply ad IVIDENCE tag in your email template. Our Adserver is designed in-house from the ground up to work specifically with email inventory (editorial or transactional). From there, we will bring the ad format you want (IAB,Native) to each individual specifically, when they open your emails and reach for your brand.


YOU decide

Sell your inventory straight from our adserver, or let us optimize monetisation. Or both. It's up to you.