YOUR data, ?activated.

Reach as many individuals as?you need,
through hundreds of OPENED newsletters,
without sending a single extra email, while
relying upon your existing CRM & DMP

ividence in 2 minutes

Target and find brand new prospects within our audience of over 20M individuals who are fully engaged with premium brands content every single day.
Reach & follow your clients on all their screens without any doubt. Create a strategy & storyline device by device
Personalize your messages down to each target, prospect, or customer's journey status, straight from the data stored in your CRM

Real time optimization of native & IAB advertising in every single opened email

Our technology stack creates & delivery dynamic native ads on the fly, targeting specifically each individual you want to reach, with a specific message taking into account the data from your CRM as well as the location & device being used. Your message is well received, by the right person, at the right time. You maximize your budget efficiency, eventually improving your bottom line.

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Leverage CRM Retargeting

Find back your leads, prospects and former clients amongst a unique audience of engaged individuals with no equivalent anywhere, right from your existing CRM data.

Explore further with LOOKALIKE Targeting

Leverage your DMP investment: IVIDENCE will find lookalike audience from the existing 1st party data you have. Discover new targets you didn't even know the existence of , while specifying precisely what are their characteristics beforehand.